Caring for human lives: nourishment in crisis

Pingie Food addresses the pivotal role of comprehensive nourishment strategies in safeguarding well-being during emergencies, offering products that help sustain health and resilience amidst challenging circumstances. Our commitment to affordability ensures that for around 1.50 EUR a day, one child receives essential nutrition.

Providing hope

In the face of crises, nurturing the bodies and spirits of the youngest provides hope. By ensuring that as many children as possible gain access to nourishment, we not only fortify their physical growth but also plant seeds of resilience that will bloom into a better tomorrow.

Initially, we’re starting with the little ones

Pingie Food is specifically developed for the nutritional needs of children age 3-6.

Focus on the future

Our focus right now lies on the health and nourishment of children age 3-6. Nourishing children in this age group during crises is paramount as this critical developmental stage lays the foundation for lifelong health and well-being. Adequate nutrition supports cognitive growth, helping them process and adapt to the challenges around them.

Nourishment for children

A happier world

Stable communities

Global Food Insecurity

Food insecurity rates have increased for four consecutive years with an increase of 34% from 2021-2022 alone. According to the former director of the UN World Food Programme, David Beasley, climate change is just one of the factors responsible for this.

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