Empowering Humanity: Our Approach to Global Nutrition

A Hunger-Reduced World: Nourishing Lives with Compassion.

Our Vision

In line with our unwavering commitment to support fighting world hunger, our vision is to create a hunger-reduced world where every individual has a chance to access nutritious food during crises and beyond. 

Our Mission

By forging strong partnerships and practicing transparent accountability, we aim to uplift lives and foster resilience, especially in children age 3-6. Start working together to reduce child deaths caused by malnutrition.

Our Approach

At Pingie Food, we have developed a product that seamlessly aligns with the current setup of NGOs in delivering relief food to areas in need. Our product is designed to be easily integrated into existing logistics chains, procurement requirements and final consumer behavior, making it a straightforward and efficient addition to relief operations.


Understanding the critical role that NGOs and other Aid Organisations play in addressing hunger and nutrition challenges, we have fine-tuned our emergency food solution to meet their specific requirements. By providing an easily integrated and reliable nutrition solution, we aim to support NGOs in their mission to deliver essential nourishment to vulnerable populations swiftly and effectively. 


We are committed to seamless integration, complementing their current setup without any disruption, and enhancing their capacity to make a significant impact on the lives of those they serve.

Locking in the nutrition of PINGIE FOOD for up to 12 months.

20-25 kg sacks of PINGIE FOOD ready for transport.

PINGIE FOOD sacks are loaded for transport.

Easy distribution of PINGIE FOOD.

Children aged 3-6 getting the nutrition they need from PINGIE FOOD.

Stronger Together

Food Security

Together, with your work and our unwavering commitment, we strive to make a profound impact on global food security.

Better Future

We want to help nourish lives and shape a brighter, hunger-free future for all.